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You may can take advantage of the G Suite bundle promotion. You can transfer your current G Suite billing to Netkiller and get NBS Pro FREE as long as you maintain Netkiller as your G Suite service provider. Netkiller is a Google G Suite Partner and also a developer of NBS app.


  1. What is this bundle offer exactly?

    • We provide NBS PRO Free for all of your G Suite users. For example, if you have 100 G Suite Basic users, you will get 100 NBS PRO licenses free.

  2. How does my billing change when I switch my G Suite to Netkiller?

    • If you are on the Annual Plan (Monthly Payment) or Monthly payment to Google, you will receive a bill from Netkiller starting the next month. You pay Google until you have switched to Netkiller.
    • You pay the same amount of money that you have been paying Google. There’s no fee increases or whatsoever. Also, you get NBS Pro free as long as you choose Netkiller as your G Suite service provider.

  3. What happens to my user settings, domain aliases, email preferences, and other G Suite settings when I transfer my accounts to Netkiller?
    • Nothing. Only billing changes to Netkiller.

  4. What happens to Google G Suite Support? I have to contact Netkiller for support instead?
    • No changes. You can continue to contact Google G Suite Support. Additionally, for a faster response, you may also contact Netkiller Support without any additional fee.

  5. How does it works? How do I change my G Suite billing to Netkiller?
    1. Go to the Retrieve Transfer Token page.
    2. Sign in with your domain administrator username and password.
    3. The page automatically generates a token.
    4. Copy the token’s alphanumeric code and send it to Netkiller Support with your NBS user info.
    5. Netkiller will update G Suite billing, upgrade NBS PRO on your G Suite domain and send you an invoice onward. You can pay by credit card/check/bank wire-transfer or even via bitcoin.

Please note that this promotion is for new Netkiller G Suite customers only and subject to certain terms and conditions. For more information and questions, please contact Netkiller Support

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